Why join? We organize, promote and direct golf tournaments, competitive play, and other activities to further the best interests of golf for women. In addition, we also provide Rules Education and Clinics. In other words, the PWGA exists to serve the women golfers in Northern California. Individuals join PWGA member clubs to meet other women who enjoy the game of golf, and to play golf on a regular basis in a fun, organized environment. By joining a PWGA club, you become a PWGA member. 

Become a PWGA member through one of our many member clubs at your local golf course. The cost to join is determined by each women’s club. In addition to your PWGA and NCGA membership, you will also receive all the member benefits your women's club has to offer. What are you waiting for? Join today! 

Forming a golf club is quite simple. The USGA Handicap System defines a golf club as, “an organization of at least 10 individual members, that operates under bylaws with committees to supervise golf activities, and must have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf with each other."

eClub offers internet based membership in PWGA. This option is viable for women who have not been able to connect with a PWGA club due to work or time restraints. Members are eligible to participate in all of the PWGA Playdays, Tournaments (except Team Play), and Workshops. Membership is $65.00/year.

At Youth on Course, we provide youth ages 6-18 with access to life-changing opportunities through golf. It all starts with giving our members access to golf for $5 or less at more than 900 participating courses, but it doesn’t end there. We set them up for success beyond the green through our caddie program. Membership is $6/year.