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Q & A #2 - (April 2019)

Potential Unification

1. What has been happening since the last Q & A communication was released on December 18, 2018?

The transition team continues to meet on a regular basis to manage the collaboration plan and unification proposal, and the actual transition should members vote for unification. Since the end of 2018, the team:

  • Agreed in principle to a Women’s Golf Committee structure, including separate sub-committees for PWGA and WGANC, that can be used to run PWGA and WGANC events in 2020 and beyond, and drafted a charter that identifies the purpose, membership, organization, and responsibilities of this new committee;

  • Create a timeline identifying the actions that must be completed before a vote of member clubs in May of 2019; and

  • Began work on an operational agreement that will describe how unification would be accomplished if the vote is to unify.

PWGA and WGANC board members and executive directors were on the road during the month of February hosting workshops and regional meetings. The collaboration with NCGA and potential unification in 2020 were important topics at these events, and those who attended asked many good questions. This document will attempt to summarize some of the questions and answers that came up at the meetings. We expect to release a third set of questions and answers later this month.

2. Is the transition team recommending unification?

While the transition team continues to work out the logistics of unification if it is approved, it is up to the PWGA and WGANC boards whether to recommend unification to their member clubs.  PWGA’s board met on March 13 to discuss the unification proposal and will be advising PWGA clubs soon about the outcome of that meeting.  WGANC’s board feels that the decision of whether to unify with NCGA or not is the decision of each individual member club.  However, to ensure that WGANC members have the information necessary to make an informed decision, the WGANC transition team will be conducting informational meetings in April to describe and provide a thorough explanation of the unification proposal.  In addition, a video of the meeting will be available on WGANC’s website together with a complete copy of the documents discussed at the meetings.

3. Why can’t we continue to operate under a collaboration/shared revenue agreement like we did in 2018 and are doing in 2019?

NCGA agreed to the two-year collaboration/shared revenue agreement as a temporary operating structure to allow PWGA and WGANC more time to address the needs of their members, but never intended for the arrangement to be permanent.  NCGA believes that a unified association is the best approach to support women’s golf and to expand opportunities for women. 

4. Will PWGA/WGANC clubs vote on the unification with NCGA?

Yes.  In accordance with each organization’s bylaws, PWGA and WGANC plan to conduct a vote of member clubs in May 2019. We expect to have voting materials and instructions out to our member clubs in April 2019.  It will be sent to both the Club Captain/President and the PWGA Representative or WGANC Delegate at each club.  The vote will be conducted electronically.  Voting is expected to open on May 10, 2019 and close on May 24, 2019. 

  • For PWGA: Each member club shall be a voting member of the Association and have one (1) vote in the affairs of the Association. The voting members present shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Association.

  • For WGANC: Each member club shall be a voting member of the Association and have one (1) vote in the transaction of business at all annual and special meetings. The Delegates from a majority of the Member Clubs shall constitute a quorum.

5. What happens if the clubs don’t vote for the unification?

Regardless of the outcome of the votes by members clubs of PWGA and WGANC, members of clubs will be required to join NCGA (and pay annual dues of $39) in order for players to have official handicap indices.  Accurate, standardized handicaps are essential for women with different abilities to compete on level playing fields.  If the member clubs in either or both organizations vote against unification, then the associations will be left with only their remaining cash on hand at the end of 2019 to conduct their tournaments in 2020 and beyond, plus any additional sums their boards deem necessary to operate their organizations on top of the $39 NCGA dues.  PWGA and WGANC both estimate that the cash on hand at the end of this year, without additional payments, will only be able to support the continued operations of the associations for fewer than two years at current spending levels. 

6. What happens if the PWGA votes yes and the WGANC votes no or vice versa?

PWGA and WGANC are independent organizations and, as such, can have completely different outcomes with out impacting the other.

More on volunteers/events

7. What will happen to our volunteers and rules officials?

PWGA and WGANC rely heavily on their dedicated volunteers to assist in conducting their major tournaments, Open Days and Area Play Days.  It is our hope that those volunteers will continue to support the same events with their time and expertise under a unification structure.   PWGA and WGANC volunteers will also be welcomed into the NCGA volunteer base. 

8. Will we still have area workshops/regional meeting?

Yes, under our Women’s Golf Committee structure, we will continue to have workshops and regional meetings.  At some point in the future, subject to the ability to arrange suitable venues, NCGA would like to have a combined meeting of all members in an area, and would use these meetings to provide breakout sessions so club officers can be trained in specific areas such as handicapping and tournament management.  We envision these events continuing to be an opportunity to share the upcoming season and news on our benevolent projects with members.

9. Will we still have the Nor Cal Cup Matches?

The Nor Cal Cup match is an annual event where six members of PWGA and six members of WGANC team up to play a 27-hole Solheim-Cup-like tournament against 12 PGA women teaching pros.  This event has been conducted for more than 20 years, with the amateurs winning more than half the matches.  We expect to continue to have the Nor Cal Cup Match annually under the NCGA umbrella.  (NCGA has a similar annual event for men on its schedule).

10. Will we still have the California Women’s Championship (CWC)?

The CWC was started 24 years ago and was originally supported by PWGA, WGANC and the Women’s Southern California Golf Association (WSCGA) with both funds and volunteers.  Two years ago when the WSCGA dissolved, the CWC became self-funded through entry fees and reserves but has continued to rely on PWGA and WGANC staff to run the event.  NCGA has agreed to continue funding staff involvement in the Championship.

11. Will we still have our annual meeting?

There will only be one annual meeting of the NCGA organization but the Women’s Golf Committee will still be promoting communication and volunteer recognition at its final tournament events of the year.  For PWGA, this is the Helen Lengfeld Founders Tournament and Luncheon. WGANC is discussing which one of its yearly tournaments would lend itself to holding an annual meeting and presentation following the tournament.

More on benevolent projects

12. Should our club continue to raise funds for the UVS Swing Club and Junior Girls Grants program in 2019?

Yes.  The programs that PWGA and WGANC currently support will continue to be supported under the NCGA Foundation/Youth on Course (YOC).  Contributions made through PWGA and WGANC member clubs will be specifically earmarked according to the wishes of the donor club/member. 

more on membership

13.Will our dues increase after unification?

NCGA has no plans to increase dues in 2020.  Individual dues will remain at $39 for renewing members and $49 for lapsed or new members.

14. What does NCGA charge for club dues:? 

Currently NCGA charges $75 annually for club dues but gives each club one free membership (a $39 savings) which brings the net cost down to $36.  Currently PWGA charges $40 for annual club dues and WGANC charges $50.

15. Will PWGA/WGANC clubs have to pay an additional fee for the golf course computers?


16. Will PWGA still have member rebates for members who belong to multiple clubs?

Currently NCGA does not offer rebates to members who have multiple club memberships but this is under review by the NCGA Finance Committee and Board of Directors.  A decision is expected to be made prior to the unification vote, and would go into effect in 2020 if approved.


17. What is the minimum number of members required to be an NCGA club?


18. How will we ensure that the agreement is kept for the six years?

The agreement will include an arbitration clause, with restrictions on how it could be triggered.

19. If we unify with NCGA, will our women’s clubs need to allow men and/or merge with men’s clubs at our courses?

No, women would be welcome to continue to organize and manage their own clubs under the NCGA umbrella.