Dear PWGA Members:

I am pleased to announce that the PWGA members of the transition team have successfully negotiated an Operational Agreement that will govern PWGA’s unification with NCGA, should our member clubs vote to do so. The Operational Agreement has been posted to our website and, by using the link below, you can read it in its entirety.

As the Operational Agreement is quite lengthy, we have prepared a synopsis of the essential terms and conditions for your review; the synopsis is also on our website. (WGANC has also reached an agreement with NCGA to govern potential unification, and some of the descriptions in the synopsis below pertain to WGANC as well as PWGA.)

Voting procedures will be emailed to the PWGA Reps for each club on Friday, May 31, and the ballots will be emailed to member clubs on June 10. Voting will close on June 24. Clubs will vote yes or no whether to unify with NCGA under the terms of the agreement.

The 2019 PWGA Executive Board believes that unification with NCGA under the terms of the agreement is the best way forward to preserve our history and traditions, and to advance the interests of women’s golf in Northern California, and recommends that its member clubs vote in favor of unification.


  • PWGA will dissolve as an independent non-profit corporation on December 31, 2019.

  • As of January 1, 2020, the remaining organizations representing the interests of former PWGA individual members and member clubs will be the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) and the NCGA Foundation dba Youth on Course (YOC).

  • Former individual members of PWGA will continue to pay NCGA annual dues as we have done for the past two years. Individual dues are currently set at $39 and are not anticipated to be raised in the next few years. Former PWGA clubs will pay annual club dues to NCGA instead of PWGA. 

  • NCGA plans to create a multi-member partial dues rebate for 2020 and beyond. Details are in development, pending final approval by the NCGA Board of Directors. 

  • NCGA will appoint one former member each of PWGA and WGANC to its board of directors, effective January 1, 2020.

  • NCGA will offer employment to the former employees of PWGA and WGANC, effective January 1, 2020. The PWGA former employees will continue to work out of the Rocklin office at least through December 31, 2021, and the WGANC former employees will continue to work out of their Pleasanton office at least through the expiration of the current lease. Caroline O’Brien and Eva Monisteri will become NCGA Directors of Women’s Golf.

  • On January 1, 2020, NCGA will form a Women’s Golf Committee (WGC), consisting of 10 members: the two former PWGA and WGANC members now on the NCGA board, one additional NCGA board member, the two Directors of Women’s Golf, NCGA’s Chief Operating Officer, and two representatives each from the PWGA and WGANC subcommittees (see below). The primary responsibilities of WGC will be to identify opportunities to advance the interests of women’s golf in Northern California, and to support the planning and execution of historical PWGA and WGANC events and tournaments. WGC will remain in existence through at least 2025, unless the committee itself votes to disband at an earlier date.

  • WGC will appoint a PWGA subcommittee and a WGANC subcommittee, consisting of area representatives, other former PWGA and WGANC board members, and the respective Directors of Women’s Golf. The primary responsibilities of the subcommittees will be to schedule and run the historical PWGA and WGANC tournaments, including major tournaments, area play days and open days, and to make recommendations regarding charitable contributions and junior girls’ grants.

  • Immediately prior to dissolution, PWGA will transfer its remaining cash reserves to NCGA, to be held in a separate restricted account that will be used exclusively for reimbursement of volunteer expenses of former PWGA members who organize and manage historical PWGA events and tournaments, and for possible donations to benevolent projects. (WGANC’s remaining cash will be handled differently in accordance with WGANC’s Articles of Incorporation, but volunteers for historical WGANC events and tournaments will also have their expenses reimbursed.) PWGA expects the funds in the restricted account will be sufficient for volunteer expense reimbursement through the end of 2025.

  • Any future donations to YOC from former PWGA and WGANC members that are earmarked for junior girls’ grants will be used exclusively for that purpose, and will be matched by YOC up to a maximum of $30,000 annually.

  • WGC will continue to manage the planning and execution of the Helen Lengfeld High School Girls Golf Tournaments, the United Veterans Services-Swing Club, the PWGA/WGANC Challenge Tournament, and the WGANC Alumnae Tournament. Some operating expenses for the Lengfeld and Swing Club events will be provided by NCGA.

  • PWGA and WGANC names will remain with the historical events and tournaments as long as those events and tournaments continue, and the names and logos will remain in perpetuity on historical trophies. Volunteers on WGC and those others who support the historical PWGA and WGANC events and tournament will receive NCGA volunteer attire at NCGA’s expense, but will be permitted to wear their existing PWGA or WGANC attire for a two-year period. Those volunteers will also receive all other NCGA volunteer benefits. 

Thank you for your close attention to these important matters


Sue Kort, 2019 PWGA President