Every Golfer wants to enjoy a fair match on any golf course. The USGA Handicap System is the best method we've found to allow all golfers to compete fairly on any course. No matter where you play or which set of tees you use, your USGA Handicap Index travels well and makes Handicaps fair. Your Handicap Index isn't your handicap; it simply leads you to your Course Handicap, which is the specific number of strokes you need to play on a specific set of tees to adjust your score back to the level of scratch (i.e. Course Rating).

All PWGA Clubs are handicapped through the USGA Golf Handicap and Information Network ("GHIN") through NCGA. As a PWGA member you will receive a bi-monthly computer calculated handicap index. Posting scores is the responsibility of the individual member. Penalty scores will be posted by the Club Handicap Committee for members who consistently neglect to follow correct procedures. If you have handicapping questions you may contact our office or NCGA.

                                                                                                                                Check out the Handicapping FAQ for more information here