Throwback to 1967: We're Just Asking


We're Just Asking

Originally published by the "Sacramento Bee," 1967


Won't keepers of pro shops—long the stronghold of males—capitulate now that Betty Friedman has made such a success as a Haggin Oaks starter?

Why has the Sacramento area lost so many fine pros—both in golf and tennis—the past two years? 

Is Sunset Oaks about to experience another change in its pro staff?

Doesn't Irene Kaminsky of City Golf Council have to be considered tops as a guardian of funds? Even with the expenditure for blazers pending, the Council's general fund is said to be getting "unnecessarily large." Not large enough, of course, to help Governor Reagan. Council members have been asked to give thought as to how the money might be spent on junior golf.

Isn't women's golf outstripping the increases in men's golf? When Barbara Barlett announced PWGA's northern section would hold its first 1967 tournament Monday at Haggin Oaks, she was deluged with 252 quick entries. Unable to get that many players around the course on a short winter day, Mrs. Barlett decided the fair thing to do was to return entries from clubs 50 miles south. After all, the tournament was planned for the northern section.