Update from PWGA, NCGA, WGANC Leadership

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Many of you have heard that the United States Golf Association (USGA) has appointed the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) to be the official “Allied Golf Association” for the Northern California region. This designation requires the NCGA to oversee all course ratings, govern the issuance and maintenance of official USGA handicaps for clubs/golfers in the region, conduct rules education, enforce rules for amateur status, and conduct USGA qualifiers. 

With this change, our three organizations, the Pacific Women’s Golf Association (PWGA), the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California (WGANC), and the NCGA, have been working together during a two-year collaboration period that could potentially result in unification of our associations.  During the collaboration period, all PWGA and WGANC members receive NCGA membership benefits, which, in addition to the handicap, include significant discounts at Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge, access to a comprehensive tournament schedule, opportunities to play in member outings at premier golf clubs, the quarterly NCGA GOLF magazine, rules of golf education opportunities, and other golf discounts.

Our three organizations have formed a team of directors and staff to address several important issues, such as preserving the unique history of each association, improving service to all members and all clubs, continuing the support of WGANC’s and PWGA’s tournaments and events, and retaining volunteers.  The NCGA understands how important Open Days and Play Days are to WGANC and PWGA members, and will be working with the current WGANC and PWGA leadership and clubs to retain these events.  Additionally, the NCGA has discussed forming a Women’s Golf Committee to support and promote the current and future programming for women.   Should unification occur, the NCGA has also committed to retain PWGA and WGANC staff. 

We are all very pleased with how we are working together during this collaboration period for the good of the game, the good of our clubs, and the good of all of our members.  We are optimistic about the benefits of continuing to work together while we preserve each organization’s history. 

We expect the PWGA and WGANC to have a formal vote of membership in the spring/early summer of 2019.  The leadership of both the PWGA and WGANC will be communicating details of this process with their respective clubs and members early in the year.  Should a formal unification occur, it will be effective January 1, 2020, and will enable all PWGA and WGANC members to retain the PWGA, WGANC and NCGA benefits, including the official USGA handicap index. 

We will continue to keep our membership updated through this process.                                                    

Lynn Harvey, President PWGA      Cathy Stroh, President WGANC     Tom Bone, President NCGA