Playday at Turkey Creek


Playday at Turkey Creek Golf Course

If you missed our playday at Turkey Creek Golf Course and you regret it, well, you're about to regret it even more. 

This playday took place on Monday, May 14th. Our ladies started getting to the registration point at 7:00am and they started playing at around 7:30am. Each group consisted on four members, and did they enjoy it!

Everyone was done by 3:00pm and enjoyed a delicious salad. We had the visit of the Twilight Club later in the day, who talked about their new idea. Women can now go to the shop at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, enjoy some wine, and be helped choosing clothing on a budget (by appointment only)! If you're interested, you can contact them here.

Thanks to all the members who came. We invite you to join us on our upcoming playdays. More information here.

Note: You can go to our Facebook page to see the rest of the pictures.