Bidwell WGC seeks help for Camp Fire Victims


‘Tis the Season of Giving

Please read this letter from Bidwell WGC.

Several of their members have experienced firsthand the despair of the Camp Fires. Their plea to the PWGA did not fall on deaf ears. The PWGA Executive Board agreed at the last board meeting to donate $1000 to the Bidwell WGC to support these women. The members of the executive board thought that the members may also like to contribute.

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To: PWGA Executive Board

From:  Bidwell WGC

We have 16 members who were affected by the Camp Fire in Butte County. Most lost their homes and everything in them. Six were “lucky” enough to have been playing in Chico that day so their golf outfit and clubs are ALL they have left!

Eight women were members of the Paradise Pines Golf Club when it closed years ago and so joined theTuscan Ridge Golf Club between Paradise and Chico before it seriously declined in maintenance and then closed a couple of years ago. Even though they had to drive 30 to 40 miles, most of them joined Bidwell Women’s Club and have been playing in our Tuesday Tournament days as well as Club Invitationals in the immediate area. They have been a real asset to our club and served on many committees including various fundraising efforts. We don’t know yet how many of these women will have to relocate out of the area due to lack of housing. It’s so very hard when you’re retired and very involved with your neighbors and suddenly they’re gone.

It is such a sad situation. Can PWGA help? We are a small club and most of us are not financially able to donate or fundraise enough to provide these women with adequate help with purchasing golf equipment, paying green fees, and all things needed to get back out there. We have raised funds on our pink day for cancer patients and on Dec 10th we are gathering gift cards from Target to help the fire evacuees at the local women’s shelter, but this is so different. A golfing community becomes very close so when something this devastating happens we want to rally around them.

Is there any way PWGA can add us to their fundraising events?  Or is there any grant or company you can direct us to, to help us get these ladies out on the golf course again? Even one day of golf with friends can go a long way toward getting their minds off their traumatic situation and toward taking a small step into the healing process.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Liz Mosher

Contact Liz via email at: or

If you are interested in making a contribution, please make checks payable to Bidwell WGC and mail to: Sheila McMurphy, Treasurer—35 Fairgate Lane, Chico, CA 95926