Throwback to 1973: Pacific Team Zone Championships


Pacific Team Zone Championships

Originally published by Shirley Durdrow, 1973


The 5th Annual Team Zone Championship Tournament which Pacific Women Golfers' Association sponsors has concluded. The last three zones of the five zones best two balls of the four-woman team play event were held in May and June.

The teams that have qualified are:

San Jose & Monterey Zone, held at De Laveaga Golf Course, Santa Cruz. Monterey Pines (S. Russo, R. Maceria, H. Tick, J. Morgan) 136; De Laveaga (Mrs. S. Simons, Mrs. R. Fuller, Mrs. J. Conocer, Mrs. G. Vomolakis) 137; Sunol Valley (J. Warrick, J. Merriott, D. Sargis, B. Sack) 142; Oak Ridge (Mrs. M. Dalke, Mrs. N. Ney, Mrs. K. Willey, Mrs. R. King) 143; Santa Teresa (J. Baatz, J. Cosser, J. Gurries, S. Gray) 144; Silver Pines (D. Brown, A. Benites, V/ Pease, V. Hughes) 148; Palo Alto (Mrs. J. Melehan, Mrs. A. Sparks, Mrs. E. Engley, Mrs. R. Peterson) 148.

San Francisco Zone, held at Rohnert Park Golf Course, Santa Rosa. Sonoma National (Mrs. K. Chawford, Mrs. A. Newman, Mrs. C. Vincent, Mrs. A. Agnew) 126; Chimney Rock (D. Hunter, M. Thompson, K. Hill, B. Elmore) 133; Cypress Hills (Mrs. R. Barlett, Mrs. D. Jenkinson, Miss R. Roserberg, Mrs. G. Brenk) 139.

East Bay Zone, held at Franklin Canyon Golf Course, Rodeo. Tilden Park (Mrs. A. Kern, Mrs. I. Kwock) 132; Vallejo (R. Baker, W. Louden, A. Englebreth, A. Price) 135; Lew Galbraith (Mrs. M. Smith), Mrs F. Carpaneto,Mrs. J. Cheung, Mrs. D. Faulkner) 136; Franklin Canyon (M. Kenney, C. Clausen, A. Mirante, M. Murray) 138; Willow Park (Mrs. E. Slagh, Mrs. R. Ames, Mrs. R. Gray, Mrs. K. Barr) 139.

Team play chaiman, Jean Anink, reports that 24 teams have qualified to play in the inter-zone finals, which will be held Oct. 11th and 12th at Rancho Canada, Carmel.