Throwback to 1973: Melinda Bailey Captures PWGA Crown

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Melinda Bailey Captures PWGA Crown

Originally published by "The Golfer," 1973


The Pacific Women Golfers' Association 1973 Championship tournament was held at the Riverside Golf and Country Club, San Jose, May 21, 22, and 23. The three day event was hosted by the Riverside Women's Golf Club.

Melinda Bailey from Sonoma is the 1973 Pacific Women Golfers' Association Champion, after scoring a 6 and a 5 victory over Rose Stone from Sharp Park. Melinda help a 5 up lead at the end of 27 holes, she won the scheduled 36 hole final round on the 31st hole.

Awards were presented at a luncheon by Jessie Williams, president; Doris Brooker, tournament chairman; and Nancy King, prize chairman.

Flight winners were as follows:

1st Flight, Molly Wilson, Moffett Field, 2-up over Janet Warwick, Hayward.

2nd Flight, Flo Brayhill, Santa Teresa, 4 and 3 over Margaret Greene, Moffett Field.

3rd Flight, Alice Gustafson, Moffett Field.

4th Flight, Georgie Furer of Walnut Creek, 20th hole over Esther Remley, Moffett Field.

5th Flight, Martha Dauberg, Riverside, 5 and 4 over Betty Koch, Moffett Field. 

6th Flight, Eve Maxey, Saratoga, 2 and 1 over Fran Ayers, Moffett Field. 

The losers of the 1st round match played a 2-day eclectic tournament. The winners of the 2-day eclectic were:

1st Fl. Ruth Ann Rosenber, Cypress, 83-17-66

2nd Fl. Laverne Anway, Sharp Park, 84-22-62

3rd Fl. Ruth Tomas, Moffett Field, 93-26-67

Consolation flight winner was Nancy King from Walnut Creek, 86-17-69