Throwback to 1974: All for the. From the. To the.


All for the. From the. To the. 

Originally published by Diane Keppen, 1974

Women golfers are invading pro shops and golf courses throughout the country in an effort to enjoy the outdoors and their friends. Because of the growing forces of women on the links, Golf Digest placed them at the top of the May-pole by honoring them with a week of their own, May 12-17

Seeing the need for all women golfers to have fun on the course, while perhaps even learning more about the game, a week was planned at River View Golf Course coinciding with National Woman Golfers week.

The week started on Mother's Day in celebration of mothers who play golf. Each mother who played received a free golf ball. Monday, saw a "Funny Dress Day" with everything from the clown of the kitchen to the table top. Tuesday, we did let in a guy, and what a guy! Paul Bauman, clown of the swing antics galore.

Wednesday was one of the biggies for for the City of Santa Ana City Championship. The winner over a field of 70 players was Gloria Folsom with a 79, followed closely by Irene Zuniga with an 81. Gloria walked away with a trophy, script and free green fees for a year.

Thursday was "Camera Day" and everybody got shot, then shocked, with a palaroid 8 framed camera. I'm afraid we "saw it all," girls. 

Friday was the perfect finale with a personal appearance by pro Shirley Spork. What an outstanding clinic she put on. Funny too! Not only did Shirley demon strate the how, but she did the doing by playing with yours truly, Diane Keepen, Club Champion Jan Thompson, and Club President Nancy Brown. 

The success of the week was shared by all those women golfers devoted to getting out of the house to play golf, and did we have fun!