Throwback to 1957: A letter from the editor


A letter from the editor

Originally published in "The Golfer," by Editor and Publisher Helen Lengfeld


How lucky can you be? Did I say this same thing last month? Somehow it sounds familiar... but even if I did, I must say it all over again this time. And there's a combination of reasons. First and foremost among them, the really nothing short of thrilling interest shown all along the line (as one travels around the or is fortunate enough to add to "helpers" in out UVS and its Swing Club program. The old chestnut) "nothing succeeds like success" surely does seem reality in this instance, for it grows ever increasingly easier to gain the interest of individuals and groups and top officials and those in a position to really help in our growth as we continue to grow on that same ever-increasing scale.

A great example of this is the tremendous assistance and support we are getting from Bachenheimer-Lewis public relations-wise, from the First Nation Golf Show officials and our good friends who will participate in our booth, and from the Veterans Administration and the Air Force, the Course Superintendents and PGA, with all of whom we work so closely, in making that booth an outstanding example of what the golfer and the UVS Swing Clubs can mean toward the promotion of golf.

Following that Golf Show by just a month will be our UVS National Convention, this year held in Chicago. That there should be a most representative attendance of the many and fast increasing UVS Units in now forty states (167 at this count) is certain, especially due to the central location of the three-day meeting, and the never-failing hospitality of Chicago, in general, and our 3843 UVS Swing Club members  in the Chicago District alone.

Plans are fast nearing completion for the three days, April 29th, 30th, and May 1st; which will be filled with work, and fun too, geared to the past, present and future facts, examples and plans concerning the United Voluntary Services and its many and diversified programs and services and activities. Of course the UVS Swing Clubs will take their important place in the over-all picture, and leaders in this field as well as dealing with that "over-all picture" of volunteer participation will play an interesting role in the meetings. 

The first day will be devoted to past business and reports, the second to the future, and the third to "seeing UVS in action" when the Chicago group takes us to the Downey VA Hospital, where they have carried on such a truly magnificent continuing program for the Hospitalized Veterans. the gala banquet on Tuesday evening will have as speakers most alert and important top officials of the Veterans Administration, the Military, Gold, and other groups with whom UVS is so closely affiliated.