Throwback to 1968: Three Cheers


Three Cheers

Originally published by Henry Etta Waldo, December 1968


Three cheers for the unsung heroes of the one day tournaments. I am referring to the starters from PWGA who took your money, assigned you to a foursome, and directed you to the tee. You may have noticed that the same ladies worked every month in their district and tried to please our playing members with an early morning smile and pairings agreeable to all—we hope. These workers also played last in the field every month and this alone deserves a medal! I have been told by many of our PWGA starters that their job was made a pleasant one by our many nice, nice members. The two Co-tournament Chairmen and committees are as follows: 

Jesse Williams' Team

  Winnie Shaw

  Barbara Baker

  Trudy Lake

  Johnnie Hughes

Millie Weston's Team

  Eadie Parker

  Myrtle McClaskey

  Ceil Rowley

  Shirley Bogert

Merry Christmas.