#FitnessFriday: The Benefits of Golf


The Benefits of Golf

By Alejandra Duffy

Infographic project Photoshop final.jpg

Whether you see golf as a sport or just as a fun game, did you know it had great benefits for your body? When I first started working for the Pacific Women's Golf Association, one of my first assignments was to create an infographic that explained the benefits of golf. What I found was astonishing, since I had no idea that golf could be so beneficial for our health. 

As you can see on the picture, golfing improves blood-glucose levels, life expectancy, self-esteem, and confidence. 

First, golfing improves blood-glucose levels. As we all may know, any kind of exercise is beneficial for the heart, and golfing is not just about swinging the ball (although this a great exercise too). Golfing requires its players to walk from one section to the other, carry their bags, and it's more beneficial if it includes healthy eating.

Second, golfing increases life expectancy. According to Mark Stibish, PhD, "Not only is golfing, in general, good for your life expectancy, but the more a person golfs, the greater the increase in their overall health. When golfers' handicaps were added to the equation, golfers with the lowest handicaps —indicating a better golfer who, in theory, plays more— had greater reductions in their risk of death." This is not only an interesting fact, but it's a great motivator to keep working towards lowering our handicap. 

Furthermore, golfing improves self-esteem and confidence. If we think about it, any type of exercise releases endorphins, which is the hormone that makes someone happy. In other words, it's a natural antidepressant. Let's use our members as an example. Every time I have attended a PWGA event, our members look happy and rejuvenated. Something that I like to ask is why they like golf so much and why did they start playing. The answer is always similar, and it goes like this: "Because it makes me feel active and I love the ladies I play with!" Golf doesn't only help our ladies feel energized, but it helps them network with other people and increase their confidence in themselves.

In conclusion, golf is a game that has great benefits for our bodies and can make us gain confidence in ourselves. I bet a bunch of you are about to go playing after reading this!