Spring 2018 Notes and Quotes


President’s Message

By Lynn Harvey

Lynn Harvey.jpg

When I joined my first women’s golf club in 2002, my primary goal was to play more regularly and hopefully improve my golf game. I was taking a year off from my 17-year career that started out as an Accounting Assistant and ended with a 6-year stint as CFO of a large bay area manufacturing company, all within one organization. The plan was to go back to work in a different industry, but assisting with my aging parents, helping with a family business, and life in general kept that from happening. But there was a new constant in my life and that was golf and camaraderie of the women around me. I was familiar with NCGA because the mixed gender club I belonged to was part of that but I had never heard of the Pacific Women’s Golf Association and had no idea how much they did for the game of golf from a women’s perspective. I was soon asked to be part of my club’s board of directors. I became its tournament captain, then its president. I joined a second 9-hole club and became its treasurer. I was “invited” to have even more fun by playing in PWGA area play days. It was a nice treat to sign up for an event at a different course, make some new friends who also loved the game of golf, and have everything organized on our behalf. When my home club, the Tony Lema WGC, won PWGA’s Team Play Championship in 2011 and 2012, I was hooked. In 2014, I “volunteered” to be PWGA’s Bay Area director. In 2017, I became Vice-President and this year I am so very honored and proud to be your President. Since joining the PWGA Board of Directors, I have been very excited about putting my business skills to use and my favorite job is being part of the Finance Committee. Lesson learned: you can take the girl out of the business, but not the business out of the girl!

Your 2018 Board of Directors recently went through an exercise where we asked ourselves “why volunteer” and most answers were very familiar:

  • To bring women together who share a passion for golf
  • To help others learn more about the game and to share it with the next generation
  • To become more involved in the decision-making in an inclusive atmosphere
  • To help and be heard; to be part of a strong group that is focused and organized
  • To provide competitive, social and educational opportunities

This framework of why we volunteer has led us to identify three important success factors that will guide us in 2018 and beyond. These success factors are:

  • Well run tournaments and events
  • Communication and education
  • Community solidarity

We have set up metrics within each of these factors and will be using these in the active pursuit of advancing our cause. An increase in attendance at area play days and major tournaments, holding on-course rules seminars, increased donations to benevolent projects, and even something as simple as increasing our Facebook followers are all part of ‘Our Picture’ that defines our community impact. You will be hearing a lot more about ‘Our Picture’ in the months ahead. Until then, please become involved in our success. Like our Facebook page, click on and read the articles contained in the bimonthly ‘Latest PWGA news for you’ emails, and, most importantly, sign-up to play in an Area event and a PWGA major tournament. Continue to be part of our wonderful legacy and come join in the fun! PWGA Tournaments!