Throwback to 1967: Off the Fairways


Off the Fairways

Originally published by Henri Etta Waldo, 1967


Lois Brown, Cold Springs G. & C.C. of Placerville, vacationed in San Felipe. Did the name of her club steer her down south of the border? Cherri Sand of Sharp Park went on a Mediterranean cruise in February. Also of Sharp Park, Rita Reinholdt is going on an Orient cruise in April. Mrs. Ole Hastrup (Fresno), reported looking radiant, having jetted in from foreigh soil. Annelise and Ole visited family and friends in Denmark, then on to Spain for a week. They also took in Gibralter and Tangiers. Annelise reports many beautiful golf courses in Spain. Edna Hurley left Travis Ladies Golf Association last August for Lajes A.F.B in the Asores and proceeded to win the Ladies Base Championship held there in September. Lois Dunlap is now playing in Charleston, S.C. and Marty McIlwain in Pittsburgh, Pa. Travis misses both these gals. Mrs. Hettie Overhoff, a member of Monterey's "Jet-Set" is in Monterey from England for a vacation. Talking about vacations, I want you to know that those Chico girls really get around. Bidwell Women's Club reports that Mrs. Hugh Parsons enjoyed a gree trip to Hawaii. Mrs. Paul Endicott visiting the southern parts of the U.S. and may end up in Mexico visiting with Mrs. Elmer Cook, who is south of the border for six weeks. The Bud Rausser's and Don Smythes had a golfing vacation down periodically—I know that problem. The Bob Richardson's are off again, this time to Scotsdale, Arizona. They plan to play lots of golf. We hope Kay isn't sick again like she was in Palm Springs earlier this year. Rosemary Roberts (Gateway Golfers of Lincoln Park, S.F.) a winner down at Monterey Pines in the Helen Lengfeld Tournament this past summer, is leaving Gateway Golfers, leaving PWGA, and leaving for a trip around the world, and then retires in England.