Meet the Board: Meet Rebecca Reese


"My advice to everyone is: there is no crying in golf and keep your head down."

-Rebecca Reese

Meet Rebecca Reese

By Alejandra Duffy

As you can see, we're starting a new series on our blog to help you get to know our Board members. Maybe you already know some of them, but hopefully you'll understand why they give so much time and love to the Pacific Women's Golf Association after reading each of their stories. 

Today, we're interviewing Rebecca Reese, the PWGA Monterey Area Director.

How I started my golf journey

Before I started to play golf, I always wanted to be an Olympic swimmer and win the gold medal for the 100 yard, and 200 yard back stroke. When I was eight years old, my dad put a tennis racket in my hand and sent me to the courts or the pool to work on my stroke, while he went off to play golf. One day, I decided I was going with him to the golf course and that was when I got hooked in the game. My dad took me to the driving range, and when I could hit a bucket of balls all in the air, he said he would take me to a nine-hole course. After that first day at the range, I was at Cherry Chase playing with my family most weekends. My mom took me out with her and her lady friends sometimes, but for the most part, I played with my brother at Cherry Chase and Black Berry Farm. Back then it cost only $1.00 for kids to play all day. As my mom said, it was cheep baby sitting. I played in the Bay Area at Sunnyvale and Palo Alto for most of my youth. 

Golf anywhere I go

I went to San Jose State University and played golf on the girls team. I played with some great girls: Pelar Delrado, Lisa Baxter, Lyn Nelson, Eva Monisteri, and Julie Simpson. I also played against some great girls from Stanford: Sally Voss and Pat Cornet.  

Why I keep playing

Since I graduated, golf has been a part of my life. I have used it in both work and pleasure. Throughout the last 35 years, I have belonged to a few courses and played in many competitions. I have always enjoyed the competitions that the PWGA, WGANC, NCGA, and USGA offered. Although I was not always successful, I was thrilled to have competed, qualify, and make to match play in some of the majors. My biggest success was qualifying for the USGA Mid-Am and making it to the quarters. I was a decent golfer at one time, when I was young.   

My ultimate golf dream

My dream round of golf would be to play with my dad, and shoot a 59. I guess I will settle for shooting that on nine-holes now. All kidding aside, I would also like to play golf on all continents. For those of you who have not met me, I did hit a golf ball while I was at the south poll. It did not go very far... must have been the weather. I still have a few more places to visit. My advice to everyone is: there is no crying in golf and keep your head down.