Meet the Board: Meet Lynn Harvey

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"I have met some wonderful women along the way and have had some fabulous getaways to some very beautiful golf courses. There is no way I want to give that up."

-Lynn Harvey

Meet Lynn Harvey

By Alejandra Duffy

As you can see, we're starting a new series on our blog to help you get to know our Board members. Maybe you already know some of them, but hopefully you'll understand why they give so much time and love to the Pacific Women's Golf Association after reading each of their stories.

Today, we're starting with Lynn Harvey, the PWGA President.

How I started my golf journey

My parents played golf regularly when I was young and I distinctly remember a fabulous business conference at Silverado Resort in Napa that my Dad took the entire family to. However, I never paid much attention to the game because it seemed silly to hit the ball and walk, hit the ball again and walk some more. I was more into spending time at the pool or playing tennis which, to me, was a more aggressive form of exercise. However, one weekend in 1992, my fiancée Jose and I had dinner plans with another couple and they suggested that we played golf before heading to the restaurant. I told them that I didn’t play, but since Jose recently took up the game, I would go along and drive the cart. That was fun for about 5 or 6 holes. Watching them hit their ball into the bushes or just a few feet away, made me realize that I could easily play this game and it would be more fun than just sitting and watching. So, I signed up for a Saturday “learn to play golf in one day” lesson and haven’t looked back since.

Why I play golf

I love the personal challenge of trying to lower my handicap and to consistently shoot in the 80’s. My personal goal is to break 80. I have come close many times, but the elusive 79 seems to be one putt away. I also really enjoy the social part of the game and I know that if I didn’t show up regularly to my Club’s play days, I would soon get a call or an email asking why I’m not on the course. I currently belong to two women’s clubs and play about 100 times per year.  I have met some wonderful women along the way and have had some fabulous getaways to some very beautiful golf courses. There is no way I want to give that up.

Left to right: Lynn Harvey, PWGA President, and fiancee Jose.

Left to right: Lynn Harvey, PWGA President, and fiancee Jose.

My motivation

I think my biggest motivator is lowering that index. Taking a lesson every now and then, re-gripping my clubs, or trying some new equipment are all done with the intention of improving my game. I also love to exercise and have fun with friends and I can do both of those on the golf course.  

Not as easy as it seems

My most difficult task as PWGA Vice President has been site selection for our 2018 tournaments. With all the golf courses located in Northern California, you would think this is an easy task, but considering the cost of green fees, carts, range balls, luncheon costs, nearby lodging, etc; all help to narrow down the choices.


The perfect round

My dream round of golf starts with a warm, sunny day. There is a smooth tempo to my swing and good follow through with a strong core, which causes my ball to fly straight down the fairway avoiding all bunkers and hazards. A one putt finish is a dream (maybe a chip-in or two), but two putts would be an acceptable end before heading to the next hole. Sounds like a round with a score of 79 to me! 

My ultimate golf dream

I have been very lucky to have played many beautiful courses in California including Pebble Beach—3 times! I’ve also played in Arizona, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Mexico. I think it would be a wonderful goal to play golf in all 50 states, which is something I plan on working on soon. Anyone want to join me?