Meet the Board: Meet Jan Louden

Jan Louden, Bay Area Director

Jan Louden, Bay Area Director

Meet Jan Louden

As you can see, we're starting a new series on our blog to help you get to know our Board members. Maybe you already know some of them, but hopefully you'll understand why they give so much time and love to the Pacific Women's Golf Association after reading each of their stories. 

Today, we're interviewing Jan Louden, our Bay Area Director


I am from the midwest and grew up on a farm. I attended schools and college in Illinois, then moved to California when I was in my twenties. I have always loved sports. I played volleyball, softball, bowling, tennis. Anything with a ball. I also worked for East Bay Municipal Utility District in the maintenance department for 26 years and still have good friends from there.


In the late 80s, I decided that I needed something to replace softball as my favorite pastime and thought golf was a good idea. My dad was a golfer and I had played some when I was young, mostly because it was fun to drive his cart around. My cousin had a set of kid’s clubs, so I learned to play right handed, although I am predominately left handed.


When I retired, I was able to advance from a once or twice-a-month duffer to playing regularly and joined some women’s clubs, thus becoming a member of PWGA. I became a better golfer and have served as president for all 3 of the clubs I belong to. I was secretary for the Bay Area Director for 2 years and made use of that experience to advance to be the Bay Area Director that I now am. It’s always a challenge to organize all the events, but rewarding to see our women play well and receive their modest winnings and put theirs names on trophies.