Meet the Board: Meet Dee Tilson

Meet Dee Tilson

Left to right: Dana Carrigan, Sandra Ferrario, Dee Tilson, and Reecy Casamajor.

Left to right: Dana Carrigan, Sandra Ferrario, Dee Tilson, and Reecy Casamajor.

As you may know, we're starting a new series called "Meet the Board" so you can get to know our Board members better.

Today, we're sharing a story that explains why Dee Tilson, our Redwood Area Director, started playing golf.


"As I was growing up, I played any sport I could play both at school and in my neighborhood. This included playing baseball in the street, backyards, and fields. Softball was my passion as I got older, and I played on many league teams until I was about thirty years old. At that time, I started having trouble with my eyes such that my perspective was off enough I couldn’t quickly gauge where the ball would land. Not a good thing for an outfielder! I coached for a few years, but I really missed playing. I needed to find a “stick and ball” type game that would fit that bill.

One day, a coworker suggested I try golf. He and I were both sports crazy and would attend baseball games together occasionally. I asked him if he would take me out to a course sometime. Well, as you can imagine, a guy going out to play golf with a newbie is the last thing he wanted to do. My bad play might mess with his reputation after all!


It took a few months, but I finally got him to agree. I bought a set of 1950’s era Wilson clubs, a worn-out bag, and 12 terrible used balls in an egg carton for $25 and off we went to Galbraith Golf Course in Oakland. In those days it was an old run-down course you could play for $10. Now it has been rebuilt and has a new name: Metropolitan.

As we walked out to the first tee box, we agreed that I would play the white tees with him. So, at 36, I teed my ball up and out drove him by about 30 yards. I ended up beating him by four strokes mainly because I was a better putter than he was. Needless to say, he was neither embarrassed by my play, nor was he too anxious to play me again any time soon! He was a great guy and a good friend over the years and we did end up playing many rounds together. I am indebted to him for introducing me to a great game and pastime. -Dee Tilson, Redwood Area Director.