Throwback to 1957: MaRch Air Force Base Golf Clinic


March Air Force Base Golf Clinic

Originally published in "The Golfer," 1957

March Air Force Base recently concluded its fourth annual golf clinic. Over five hundred golfing enthusiasts attended the final day of the jamboree.

Highlight of the big show was the guest appearance of nine of golf's biggest names.

Participating in the festivities were Jackie Burke, Dow Finterwald, Jay Hebert, Don January, Shelley Mayfield, Walter Burkemo, Billy Maxwell, Lou Jennings, and Jimmy Thompson.

This million dollar's worth of golfing talent went through the entire PGA clinic repertoire.

The crowd was awed by the long drives of Don January, Billy Maxwell's fines with the fairway woods and the straightness and accuracy of Dow Finterwald's drives.

A masterful slow motion demonstration of the proper way to hit a golf ball by Jimmy Thompson caught the fancy of the spectators. For this bit, Thompson was showered with the biggest ovation of the afternoon.

Jackie Burke served as master of ceremonies, commanding the attention of the huge gathering with his witticisms and able description of the exhibition.

At the conclusion of the jamboree March AFB reciprocated for the fine show put on by the golf greats with a luncheon at the Officer's Club and a tour of the flight line (including a KC-97 and B-47 briefing).

Project coordinator Lt. Col. Bill Adams, one of Riverside's better golfers, was of the opinion that this was the largest crowd ever to attend a clinic in the Riverside area. 

Major General Archie J. Old, Jr., and Jimmy Thompson get together for some golf chit chat. General Old is the Commander of the 15th Air Force. The General was also Commander of the three nuclear B-52 SAC Bombers that recently circled the globe in 45 hours and 19 minutes. Thompson was one of nine golf pros participating in March Air Force Base's 4th annual golf clinic. As part of their tour of March's flight line, this group of pros are pictured boarding a KC-97 Strato-Cruiser. This aircraft is used by SAC to refuel B-47s and B-52s in mid air. (L-R) Jimmy Thompson, Jackie Burke, Dow Finsterwald, Walter Burkemo, Jay Hebert, Shelley Mayfield, and Lou Jennings. Colonel Burton C Andrus, Jr., Base Commander of March Air Forse Base, is flanked by two of the most successful pros playing the PGA circuit. To his right is Jackie Burke and to his left is Dow Finterwald. Burke was the master of ceremonies for March's most successful golf clinic.