Throwback to 1969: Shelley—Golf Is a Fantasy

Shelley: "Golf Is a Fantasy"

Originally published by Art Spander, 1969

SHELLEY HAMLIN  Retains crown


Retains crown

Shelley Hamlin, with her page-boy hair style and conservative clothes, seems an anachronism among today's hirsute, buck-skinned college students—as if she had walked out of the 1950s and into a campus sitin.

And, there is a little of the past in the 20-year-old Stanford junior, who Saturday won the California Amateur Women's Golf Championship—again.

Several weeks ago, Miss Hamlin even went so far as to take part in a Big Game rally.

And while many of her contemporaries were marching toward the Altamont rock concert, Miss Hamlin was marching toward her third straight state title—the tournament is only in its third year—by defeating Noni Schneider of Sacramento, 4-2, at Pebble Beach.

But Shelley's style is misleading. She is sympathetic towards the student movement and, when questioned, admits there is room for improvement in America. And, most surprising of all, she considers golf only a game.

"Golf is great," she said after her one-over par round. "But it's a fantasy. You realize that thousands of people are starving to death, and then figure that hitting a golf ball isn't all that important."

Thus, Shelley decided upon political science as her major. "I''m super-patriotic," she said. "I like this country. But it's not perfect. I'd like to help make some changes for the better."

Her golf, apparently, is fine as it is.