Throwback to 1957: From Sea Island


      From Sea Island

Originally published in "The Golfer." February, 1957


Happy-go-lucky Peggy Kirk is one gal who believes the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

This is evidenced by the fact that the well-liked Southern Pines, N.C.; golf course owner makes the circuit each year on a straight line basis, in her own airplane, a Cessna 170.

Peggy feels that this type of travel is much less strenuous and also it means she usually arrives at a tournament a day ahead of the rest of the girls, who all drive, and thus she gets that extra practice.

The Ladies' PGA vice-president had one of her biggest surprises during 1956 when she left Hot Springs, Ark., and headed for Lawton, Oklahoma. Arriving over the airfield at Lawton, she noticed a golf course adjacent to the field.

Remarking to sister pro Vonnie Colby, who was making this flight with her, Peggy said, "Gee, isn't that something, a golf course right by the airport. Wouldn't that be nice if it only was the course we're playing!"

Well, sure enough, it was the Lawton Municipal Course, site of the Lawton Open. Peggy later said that this really proved her point on flying. All she had to do was land, get her golf clubs out of the plane, and start playing. Pretty nice deal!

Yes, this flying from tournament to tournament certainly makes Peggy Kirk the only flying golf professional in the world.


Peggy Kirk Bell, one of the leading Professional women golfers, mother of Bonnie Bell, a future "golf great!" if her Mother and Pop have anything to say, along with her golf spends some time as UVS Swing Club President in her local area, at the nearby Fayetteville VA Hospital and the Fort Bragg Army and Air Force Bases carrying on the UVS Swing Club program.