Throwback to 1957: A letter from the editor


A letter from the editor

Originally published by Editor and Publisher Helen Lengfeld, 1957


This is our lucky month, indeed! 

"The Golfer" has announcements to make that thrill me. As I know the will you...! And these announcements all tie in with our sponsoring UVS and the great UVS Swing Club Plans that are buildings golf for our Hospitalized Veterans, Military, and youth.

The world famous and world loved golfer, Gene Sarazen, has become greatly interested in this purely non-profit volunteer magazine's greatly interested in this purely non-profit volunteer magazine's connection with the spreading of golf through the UVS Swing Club golf program throughout our nation and the world. In turn, his interest and his help will be a tremendous factor in creating further interest in out UVS Swing Clubs, as well as his contributions to the magazine on a monthly basis, as feature editor, which will add immeasurably to the monthly enjoyment of our readers. That is certain!

"That reminds me" will be one monthly feature where Gene and Fred Corcoran, another who needs no introduction to the world of golf, and who is presently affiliated with John Jay Hopkins' great "International Friendship Through Golf" move a bit of reminiscing. Personally, I have had a sample, and it's fascinating to this "old golfer" and would be even more so to the legion of "new ones." This too, will tie in with Gene and monthly serial form, "Thirty Years of Championship Golf." The reprints of the pictures, alone, will be priceless to those of us who "remember when." Not to mention the story which has ever been one of golf's best sellers. A brief instruction column or editorial comment each month will top off this great golfer, "Gentleman Gene's" contribution to the cause which, happily, he joins his fellow professionals in believing in and wanting to help. Of course his visits to the Hospitals, Military Installations, and Community and Military Youth Groups, when in their local areas, will be that great golfing gentleman's follow through. Do you wonder that the United Voluntary Services and "The Golfer, " and I, thrill at this marvelous and generous interest of "Gentleman Gene."

The growth of "The Golfer" subscription list has been inspiring, too. It's world-wide scope fits right into the world-wide hopes of the Military, also, at this time for out Golf Program, a UVS Swing Club Plan; at all of their Isolated Sites throughout both our nation and other parts of the world where our men are stationed. The Remote Control., or adoption angle of the plan, will come into effect now more than ever, and there's a need for golf groups from every golf club in our country, as well as overseas, to help us in fulfilling this desire.

More of this next month. In the meantime, however, just fitting in with this need, a full-time volunteer comes to "The Golfer" ready to lend a helping hand to this poor old amateur volunteer Editor and Publisher. Her name is Auleen Hall, who is well known to many California golfers, and loved by them, too, for her ability in Tournament and Association Golf. She's "lovely to look at," and oh what a "gift from Heaven" to me!

This is our lucky month... don't you agree?