Meet Cindy Foreman, North Central Area Director

My Parents moved to Paradise CA from Los Angeles in 1946. My mother was from Minnesota, my father was from Idaho. They had a brilliant idea and decided that they would be ranchers, and milk dairy cows. (Stupid City Kids).

I was born in Chico CA, the 4th of 5 children, 3 girls, 2 boys.

My parents had several small ranches in, Paradise, Willows, Orland, Corning, and Anderson. There was always a lot of work to be done on the ranch so I learned to work hard. I milked cows before I went to school most mornings. It was a great life for a kid, as there were always things to do. If we weren’t fishing we were riding horses.  I only rode bareback, as saddles were a luxury my parents could not afford.  We were responsible for breaking our own horses to ride, so I did get bucked off occasionally, which might explain some of my issues.

I Graduated from Anderson High School, where I met my 1st husband.  We had 3 wonderful boys. We were married for 19 years. He was a good man, and a good father.  He passed away in his early 50’s. We were divorced at the time.

My husband Len and I have been married 31 years.  He has 2 lovely daughters.  We are a blended family and there is much love and laughter at family gatherings.  We have 11 grandchildren.

I have had several jobs some more interesting than others. I sold vacuum cleaners, (one to a blind man, I’m not proud of that).  Bought painted and repaired salvaged cars and resold them.  Had my own business in Dunsmuir the Brown Trout Café, Gallery & Gift store. I was the Resource Executive Director for 2 Community Resource Centers in Dunsmuir and McCloud.

My career job was as a Histotechnologist for Redding Pathology now (Shasta Pathology) since 1979.   Histotechnology is the study of cells. My job was to process human tissue, prepare it for microscopic examination. This consisted of staining the many components in the tissue using Chemistry.  I have a BS degree, and loved being able to help people thru medicine

 I was asked to be the Laboratory Manager in 1989 and did that until my 1st retirement in 2002. In June I was packing up the things in my office and a wooden shelf fell off the wall and knocked me out.  I sustained injuries to my neck, shoulder and head.  It took me a good year to be able to remember some things.  I’m ok now…ahahahahumummu ..well most days. The Lab asked me to come back and be their Marketing Manager in Sept 2002, I accepted the job and stayed for 2.5 years longer, then 2nd retirement.  6 yrs later I returned to the Laboratory as their Quality Assurance, and Quality Control Manager, and worked for another 4 yrs. 3rd retirement. Just quit again at the lab in August 2018, my final retirement 4th….I’M DONE!

My husband taught me to play golf in an almond orchard in Red Bluff, the workers always mowed in between the rows so we had nice although narrow fairways.  Lots of fun!  He was a patient teacher.  I had been playing golf for about 6 months before I realized that I was not supposed to tee my ball up in the fairway!  I asked my husband why he was teeing it up for me and he just smiled and said, “You needed to have success”, I will always adore him for that! The other great and selfless thing that he did was run and get my ball when I hit it sideways in the first tee ( I was so nervous that I did this often), and then pretend it was his bad hit.  Now I ask you ladies what man does that!  I am certainly blessed.

My first golf membership was at Gold Hills in Redding where we played with couples every Sunday morning.  They were all very good golfers and very kind and patient with me.  I would be so nervous that I wanted to throw up every Sunday and wanted to quit so badly but didn’t want to disappoint Len so I stuck it out.  I’m so glad I did.  We have since belonged to Riverview Country Club in Redding, and Mt. Shasta Resort in Mt. Shasta and are now at Lake Shastina.  Each one has been different but enjoyable.

I really don’t know how I ended up being your Area Director, I must have had a mental black out or a weak moment but regardless here I am!  I am not all that sure of what I am doing yet, but I have found that each person I have met is so very nice. I will endeavor to do my best and am most honored to serve you and this great game.