Stanford Golf Course Renovation Complete!

PWGA board members were invited to attend the Stanford Golf Course Media Day on Monday, March 18, celebrating Stanford’s recently completed course renovation.  Board members from NCGA and WGANC were also in attendance, as well as the Stanford golf coaches, golf course designer Beau Welling, other staff associated with the renovation, and members of the media.  

Mr. Welling and the coaches provided insight into the renovation process and the ultimate results, and answered question from the attendees.  After the presentation, the attendees were treated to an 18-hole round on Stanford’s beautiful golf course, followed by a lovely reception on the outdoor patio.  The entire day was well-organized, extremely interesting, and no one could have asked for more perfect conditions on the golf course.

The PWGA members who were lucky enough to attend were Jane Sullwold (PWGA Transition Advisor and Bay Area Director), Jeanne Lambson (Sacramento Area Director), Fran Grace (Stockton Area Director), and her sister Cathy Hatcher (PWGA member). 

Pictures include: 

·        Jeanne Lambson and Conrad Ray (Stanford men’s golf coach)

·        The Transition Team:   WGANC President Lynda Donahue, NCGA President Gail Rogers, and PWGA Transition Advisor Jane Sullwold

·        The PWGA foursome, Jeanne Lambson, Jane Sullwold, Fran Grace and Cathy Hatcher

·        Stacey Baba (NCGA board member), Lynda Donahue, Gail Rogers, Jeanne Lambson and Jane Sullwold

·        Gail Rogers and Jeanne Lambson