Jr. Girls Grants funding at its best!

Center High School girls golf 2018.jpg

I wanted to take the time to thank the PWGA for their generous donation this year.  We were able to purchase team polo’s and team t-shirts with the funding.  This year was a very successful year for our team. We switched leagues and lost a couple powerhouse teams that we used to play against.  Our team ended up finishing in 3rd place! (we have been last for a long time).  Two of my players were awarded All-League patches (top 10 in league) and then both girls moved on and played in divisionals.  One of my girls missed going to Masters by 1 stroke!  I am very proud of my girls and hope to have all of them return next year as only one of them was a senior!  Thank you so much again for your support to Girls Junior Golf.


Sandy Weaver

Center High School

Varsity Girls golf