United Veterans Service - Swing Club Schedule Announced

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The 2019 UVS Swing Club is a golf rehabilitation program for veterans. The UVS was formed by Helen Lengfeld after WW!!. The program seeks to offer both physical therapy and respite for veterans from the Palo Alto/Menlo Park VA. This is a terrific opportunity to share your love of golf with someone who might not otherwise get exposed to the sport. Each event is held at the Moffett Field Golf Course. Learn more about our program.

The 2019 Schedule has been announced with the first event to be held on May 22. See Full Schedule Here. Volunteers are welcome and encouraged. Please contact Julie for more information or to volunteer.

Julie Gonzalez, PWGA/UVS Liaison at julie17g@sonic.net

Please consider donating to this very worthwhile cause. Donation Form