Age is just a Number!

Paula Smith with BEv DeViney 2.jpg

My name is Bev DeViney and I belong to the ladies 9 hole club at SkyWest Golf Course, Hayward, CA.

I would like to introduce you to a very special woman. This is Paula Smith. She plays at SkyWest, as well. She’s played there for 35 years. She’s 96 years old…and she’s legally blind due to macular degeneration.

Let me tell you a little bit about her and her golf game.

As a member of the Skyettes she’s hosted many golf meetings at her home, she marshalls at SkyWest once a week and she and I run the tournament desk every week. She did it herself for years until her sight started to fail. There’s nothing I can’t ask her about desk duties. She’s got the answers and keeps me squared away.

Last year we had 38 playdays. Paula was there for all 38. No one else had that many. She doesn’t hit the ball as far as she used to but it’s usually right up the middle. Her putting could put a lot of us to shame. She might need help with direction and alignment every now and then but let me tell you------this woman knows how to putt.

We ride together, we play together but most of all we have fun together. I think she’s pretty special and I think she’s an inspiration to many. And I wanted you all to meet her.

Thank you Paula, for being my friend.