Happy 100 Birthday Doris

Doris Yates.jpg

Doris Yates is celebrating!   Not only did she just turn 100 years old, but she’s been an active member of Sacramento Women’s Golf Club for 60 years!

Doris was born on September 30, 1919, in Melbourne, Australia. At 6 years old she and her family moved from Australia to Oakland, California for her father’s job.  She went to Oakland High School and after graduation, attended Business College.  For two years, she worked for an Insurance Broker as a “Friday Girl”, answering phones, filing, taking dictation, and anything else that need to be accomplished in the office.

For Doris and her closest friends, it was a regular weekend activity to take a street car to Berkley to attend dance mixers where they would meet boys.  They would dance to Big Band music and usually stayed so late, the street cars were no longer in service to get back home. But, they never had an issue finding a ride home to Oakland with their new male friends. At 21, she fell in love and married one of her dance partners, Murray.

In 1954, they moved to Sacramento with their two daughters where Murray worked as a salesman.  Murray often had to entertain customers and co-workers and golf was an activity that he and Doris could do together.  Doris often golfed with the men, but soon had a friend tell her about a Women’s only golf club at Haggin Oaks.

She joined the Sacramento  Women’s Golf Club  in 1960 and golfed every Wednesday.  The average member roster totaled 130 members and always had a waiting list for new members who wanted to join.  Her most memorable round of golf was the first time she scored 78 on the McKenzie Course at Haggin Oaks.   She’s never had a Hole-in-One, but has come very close a few times.

Doris stopped playing golf about a year ago due to her eyesight and having to rely too much on her friends to keep sight of the ball. She did however; pay her dues this year just so she could finish her milestone membership with Sacramento  Women’s Golf Club at an even 60 years.

For her 100th birthday she was guest of honor at a party which was hosted by her 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren and 10 great- grandchildren along with other friends and family. 

Sacramento Women’s  Golf Club threw  Doris a birthday bash last week to celebrate the amazing and inspiring life she led and her love and passion for golf.    Clearly they love Doris at this club, Club Captain Liz Hill said "Doris is an inspiration to us all.  She has been a playing member for 59 years and she has been in every leadership position in the club through the years.  She is a delight to play with and also a delightful person."

Happy Birthday Doris, you are an inspiration!