2018 Sacramento Rules Seminar


My First Rules Clinic Experience

By Alejandra Duffy

After a couple weeks of rain in Sacramento, it was hard to know what the weather was going to look like on March 19th, the day our Sacramento Rules Seminar was going to take place. Luckily, we were blessed with a beautiful day and were able to stay dry outdoors. It was a Monday morning at 10:00am and the day was so nice that everyone had their glasses on, ready to learn more about golf.

The truth is that I don't know much about golf. It's not really popular where I'm from. That's why everyone finds so funny that I work for a Golf Association. What can I say? I love working here. I have met some amazing ladies, and I have learned so much about golf that I don't think I would be that bad in the course.

We were all surprised when Jeanne Lambson, Director of the Sacramento Area, told us that we had filled out all the spots of the seminar. I may not know much about golf, but I want to start playing every time I see one of our members get excited about learning more about this sport. How every time we get a visitor in the office they say, with a big smile, that they will be golfing that day. I have never met so many people committed to a sport as I have seen it in this association.

The lessons started thirty minutes later. The Rules Representatives who gave the instructions were Nancy Boggs, Pat Keys, Elaine Ciccone, and Dana Carrigan. The seminar was divided in four sections, and each lady oversaw one of them. The attendees were divided in four groups as well, who had to rotate to the next section every 35 minutes. Everyone seemed to enjoy this format. A lot of knowledge was given, and a lot of questions were asked. 

Someone who helped a lot in this event as well was Jeanne Lambson, our Sacramento Area Director. She sent constant reminders to the members, including information about the schedule, dress code, and the luncheon that happened later that day. 


Everyone was hungry by 1:30 pm and were served a delicious meal that included salad, pasta, and grilled chicken. Everyone had the opportunity to ask questions at the end, and the Rules Representatives answered. It was a great chance to not only learn about golf, but about our members. 

This association is full of amazing women who love golf. And when I say they love golf, I mean it. I love to work here, and I can't wait for our future events. Who's ready for our playday at the Davis Golf Course next month?