Most Improved Junior Golfer of 2017


Claire Wright

Most Improved Junior Golfer of 2017

By Alejandra Duffy

We would like to introduce you to Claire Wright, our Most Improved Junior Golfer of 2017.


Claire is an outstanding athlete from Fresno. She is sixteen years old and was introduced to golf at a young age, but she never took it seriously until the summer of 2015. 

Her family has four members. Her parents, Fania and Robert Wright; and her brother Jack. Jack is also a great golfer. They both attend Chowchilla Union High School and are are the number one players of their golf teams. They both moved to the housing development on Pheasant Run Golf Course in 2010.

Wright says she didn't take advantage of the golf course in her backyard until five years later.

Why Claire plays golf

Claire keeps playing golf because she loves the competition, the calmness of the sport, and the honorable aspects of the game.

Besides golf, Claire enjoys cooking, baking, and other sports like wake surfing, skiing, and volleyball. She used to play on the Varsity Volleyball Team her freshman and sophomore year of High School, but it caused a conflict with her golf season. Wright now focuses on golfing instead.

Ready for the future

Some of Claire's goals are to play college golf, win at least one junior tour event this summer, and raise her junior golf scoreboard ranking to half of what it is now.

Congratulations to Claire. We all see how much she's working towards her goals, and we'll be here to see her success.