Golf Expo at Haggin Oaks 2018


Golf Expo at Haggin Oaks 2018

By Alejandra Duffy


This year's golf expo at Haggin Oaks was another one for the books. Our association got to share a booth with NCGA, which stands for "Northern California Golf Association." As most of our members may know, our members now get to have all the benefits from NCGA as well, as we are merging into their association.

We were lucky enough to have one of the best locations, right by the entrance of the golf complex. Something that kept people coming, was our amazing spinning wheel that let our visitors win some awesome prices like bags, golf balls, poker chips, heart grippers, candy (most kids liked this one), etc. NCGA also threw a raffle that included one lucky winner per day. That's right. They gave away three awesome club bags with the association's logo. 


We can't talk about the golf expo without talking about our amazing volunteers. Thank you to Lisa Loomer, Patti Trudel, Julie Cleveland, Sally Bell, Karla Bradford, Gabrielle Self, Sue Kort, Liz Ford, and Jeanne Lambson. We appreciate your help and for being able to share your love for golf and this association to new interested women golfers. We are sure they got good information and we hope they join us soon. 

This year's golf expo went so well that we ran out of goodies, so we may need to get some ASAP. In the meantime, here are some pictures that may or may not make you want to join us next year!