We organize, promote and direct golf tournaments, competitive play and other activities to further the best interests of golf for women.  PWGA provides handicapping service in accordance with the USGA Handicap System.  In addition we also provide Rules Education and Clinics.  In other words, the PWGA exists to serve the women golfers in Northern California.

Individuals join PWGA member clubs to meet other women who enjoy the game of golf, and to play golf on a regular basis in a fun, organized environment.  By joining a PWGA member club, you become a PWGA member. 


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Introducing the Caddie Club, the PWGA's newest chapter, designed for aspiring golfers and women's golf boosters. Open to all who are not full PWGA members but would like to support PWGA programs and philosophies.  

Caddie Club members don't play in PWGA Tournaments or on PWGA Playdays, but of course, we hope they'll eventually graduate to full club membership


  • Member pricing for PWGA social events​ and special programs
  • Special caddie club pin that doubles as a ball marker
  • Special eBook​​ welcome kit and a free subscription to GottaGoGolf Magazine (digital Monthly)
  • Quarterly eNewsletter full of news about women's golf in Nor-Cal
  • A connection to the inner workings of women's golf in Northern California, and the endless possibilities of new friends, social outlets, and business networking that comes along with it
  • Support for the PWGA's efforts to grow the game among women

Caddie Club Membership - $20!

Join A Member Club

Become a PWGA member through one of our many member clubs  at your local golf course.  The cost to join is determined by each women’s club.  In addition to your PWGA membership, you will also receive all the member benefits your women's club has to offer. (For example, you will have the ability to participate in all club events and access to a weekly golf date with other women)  Contact the club  of your choice to inquire about membership in the women's club. 

The PWGA is dedicated to advising and providing resources to our clubs in all aspects of their operation. This helps to make sure that the club members have a positive experience, and that the hardworking and committed volunteers in charge of the club, also have a positive experience with enough time left to still enjoy their own membership in the club.


Forming a golf club is quite simple.  The USGA Handicap System defines a golf club as, “an organization of at least 10 individual members, that operates under bylaws with committees (including a Handicap committee) to supervise golf activities, provide peer review, and maintain the integrity of the USGA Handicap System.  Members of a golf club must have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf with each other.  They must be able to return scores personally, and these scores must be available for review by fellow club members.”

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eClub offers internet based membership in PWGA.  This option is viable for women who have not been able to connect with a PWGA club due to work or time restraints. 

eClub members have all the benefits of our regular member clubs.  The members will get their bi-monthly Handicap Index report emailed directly to them.  Members are eligible to participate in all of the PWGA Playdays, Tournaments and Workshops. 

There are some specific requirements to joining an Internet based club.  If you are interested in membership in our eClub, please go directly to the site and complete the application.  You will have an option during registration to choose the geographical area and host club that best suits your needs.  Once you register, and your membership has been approved, you will receive a welcome email with your membership number. You will also receive a welcome email from your host club.

Please pay special attention to the requirements of membership per USGA’s Handicap System regulations. 

​eClub members are not eligible to participate in Team Play Championship

Membership- $30 /year

Click on the link below to go directly to the eClubhouse.   

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