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We love to see our golfers improve their game and we believe that significant improvement should be recognized.  We award annually a most improved golfer in each of our Areas (for both nine and eighteen hole clubs) at our Workshops in February.  The criteria to be considered for this award is as follows:

  • Must be a PWGA member for the entire year
  • Must have posted at least 20 rounds

Hole-in-One Recipients








We love to share the joy of a hole in one with our members. To recognize the accomplishment a special PWGA Hole in One Pin and Certificate shall be awarded for a Holes-in-One made on any golf course having a USGA Course Rating. The round must have been played under the USGA rules of golf. If made at a major PWGA Tournament, the member will also receive a $50 gift certificate and one dozen golf balls.  To report a hole in one please have your PWGA Rep complete the hole in one form and send to our office with a copy of the attested scorecard.

Most Improved Golfer

Hole-in-One Awards

Julie Gonzalez

2017 Winner

2000 was the inaugural year for the Helen Lengfeld Award.  This award is given for outstanding service by a PWGA member.  There are many women who give of their time to further golf for women and girls without asking for numeration nor recognition.  This prestigious award is presented at the annual banquet following the Helen Lengfeld Tournament held each year in October.  Nominations can be made by any PWGA member or Club through its Captain.  Nominations in the form of a letter stating the nominees accomplishments should be mailed to the PWGA President no later than July 1st.

Helen Lengfeld Award

The player that shoots the lowest gross score receives 10 points, the person with the next lowest gross score receives 9 points, the next 8 and so on down to one point. The same occurs for low net scores. Points of 10, 9, 8, etc. are awarded to the person with the lowest net, second lowest net, etc. If two or more women tie, all ties receive the same number of points. One person can place (and get points) in both the low gross and low net categories.  At the end of the year the three players with the highest number of points will receive AWC medals for their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place  showing. If there are ties, each Area has an established method of breaking ties. In the case of the AWC medals, a woman can win in either the Low Gross or the Low Net category but not both.  Feel free to attend a playday of a neighboring Area if you wish to have fun on different courses; just be aware that visitors are not eligible for Medallion Points. So it pays to attend the playdays as often as you can. The more you play the more chances of accumulating Medallion Points.

2017 Medallion Standings 

How much do you know about our PWGA Playdays? Do you know that all PWGA members are invited to play, they are usually on Mondays, and each area hosts 5 to 8 of them each year? Each Area has autonomy on how they wish to run their playdays. That’s why you might see individual play, team play, 4-ball (partners) games, and other fun events. One thing they all have in common is the accumulation of Medallion Points, also known as Area Winner’s Circle (AWC) points.  The usual prize for each playday is the awarding of golf balls at the conclusion of the playday (sometimes presented at the following playday). The Over-the-Field Low Gross and Over-the-Field Low Net winners are “paid” (golf balls) as well as one low gross and several low nets in each flight. In addition to that, Medallion Points are accumulated throughout the year. 

Area Winners Circle

PWGA Awards